Fast and easy language learning with
EXTRA 24 MOVIE© courses

Would you like to learn a new language, enhance your vocabulary or improve your pronunciation?

Well done – our EXTRA 24 MOVIE© INTENSIVE COURSE is the best way. You’ll learn a new language or improve your skills in only 24 days – step by step with short sessions, daily, but consistently within 24 days.

The package includes episodes 1 and 2 of the respective MOVIE© language courses, which are based on the TV series EXTRA and on the Birkenbihl Approach. The series’ content is entertaining and thrilling: misunderstandings, gags and hilarious conversations due to weak language skills convert language learning into pure entertainment.

What is the difference in our INTENSIVE language courses?

24 short lessons ensure fun and motivation, which let your resilience increase as you will have clear aims: language acquisition or improvement of your language skills within only 24 days. This enables you to learn more than 500 unique words easily.

The 24-days INTENSIVE COURSE is based on the Birkenbihl Approach. Find out more on this method here.

What I need to do

You’ll only need 10 minutes per day to study the content of one day’s lesson. However, to get the best result out of the INTENSIVE course, we recommend 3 sessions of 10 minutes per day. And that’s still only 30 minutes a day. No other intensive course is as efficient.


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