the brain-friendly approach by Vera F. Birkenbihl

Birkenbihl Approach

Learning a language like your mother tongue: intuitively and with lots of fun. Vera F. Birkenbihl was the initiator.

Learning & Fun

Immerse yourself in a TV series and learn a foreign language at the same time with our brain-friendly MOVIE© courses.

Success & Motivation

Depending on motivation, time and language proficiency you develop your own schedule and you specify your goals completely individually.

Anywhere & Anytime

Learn a foreign language wherever and whenever you want: whether at home, on the train or even when exercising.


Immerse yourself in a TV series

The brain-friendly MOVIE© language courses are based on the Birkenbihl Approach and combine language learning with entertainment. The MOVIE© contains two decoding lines that are comparable to subtitles: above you’ll see the text in the foreign language, below the word-for-word translation into your mother tongue. While you’re listening to a native speaker, you’re following the respective word pair and you're learning the words' meanings intuitively. But what’s the best part of the brain-friendly language courses? You’ll never have to cram grammar or vocabulary ever again!

Learn a language anywhere and anytime

Motivation is one of the most important factors when learning a new language. The brain-friendly language courses enable you to learn a foreign language anywhere and anytime. You can watch the MOVIE© on multiple devices: on Windows or Mac devices, mobile devices or TV sets by streaming them online. So whether you’re at home in front of your notebook, on a train to a meeting or at the gym: our brain-friendly language course is the perfect method to learn a foreign language intuitively and brain-friendly – whenever and wherever you want!

Increase motivation by monitoring progress

You don’t know the level of your language proficiency right now? Evaluate your level of language ability easily by doing our quick and easy assessment test. According to your result and depending on your available time, motivation and your language proficiency, you can develop your personal schedule. You can monitor your progress and observe your improvements at any point. Each episode informs you of the total amount of vocabulary and the number of unique words. Why don’t you start now?

The Birkenbihl Approach

Language learning made easy! The Birkenbihl Approach named after the German management coach Vera F. Birkenbihl is based on observations and findings of the fields of neuroscience and social sciences. The idea behind this method is to learn a foreign language like we learned our mother tongue – without cramming grammar or vocabulary!

What is important is that you are able to understand the foreign language at a first point, only then the brain is able to learn the correct pronunciation completely intuitively. Cramming vocabulary causes frustration and demotivates.

By listening to the foreign language actively, you begin to understand it. So you’ll get used to the language, its prosody and the new vocabulary. Repeat this exercise until you understand the text in the foreign language completely.

Our brain-friendly MOVIE© courses include two decoding lines that are comparable to subtitles: above you’ll see the text in the foreign language, below the word-for-word translation into your mother tongue.

As you have now arrived at the point where you can understand the foreign language, it’s time for you to learn to speak. By listening passively you learn subconsciously to talk in the foreign language. And the best part of it: you don’t even need time!

Play the lessons that you’ve already learned in the background while you concentrate on other things and live your daily routine. Your subconscious listens and prepares your brain for speaking by building necessary nerve tracts.

However, don’t forget to practice. Try to say out loud the text in the foreign language and repeat it as often as possible. By doing so you learn how to speak like a native right from the beginning and you are able to speak fluently as well as accent-free within a short time. You can also use the additional course material to strengthen your vocabulary.




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