Fast and easy language learning with
EXTRA MOVIE© courses

Would you like to learn a new language or enhance your vocabulary?

Well done – our EXTRA MOVIE© PREMIUM COURSE is the best way. Just 10 minutes per day is enough to start speaking a foreign language perfectly! The package includes episodes 1 to 13 of the respective MOVIE© language courses, which are based on the TV series EXTRA and on the Birkenbihl Approach. The series’ content is entertaining and thrilling: misunderstandings, gags and hilarious conversations due to weak language skills convert language learning into pure entertainment.

What is the difference in our PREMIUM language courses?

13 episodes enable you to gain a broad vocabulary in your target language. You don’t just learn to understand the language, but also to speak it correctly. You’ll need around 2,000 words to be perfectly prepared for any conversation in the foreign language – a remarkable factor considering standard daily newspapers do not need more than 500 words.

Each episode is divided into 6 lessons, so each lesson is kept short and your motivation will increase. You can watch the MOVIES© whenever and how often you want, it’s ultimately your choice!

What I need to do

Simply watch the MOVIE© and read the decoding lines in the foreign language as well as in your mother tongue. The language acquisition happens completely intuitively and subconsciously. But no worries – cramming grammar and vocabulary is strongly prohibited. Just 10 minutes a day is enough to learn a foreign language within a short period.




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