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Start your first lesson by watching the movie and reading along the "de-coding-line(c). This shows two lines, the transcript and  the word-for-word translation.


I'm so impressed

Whenever you feel like it repeat the lessons as often as you can. Minimum 3 times a Day. The lessons are only 5 minutes long. You'll be amazed at how quickly you make progress.


That's genius

You do this every day - the first review of the previous lesson, then move on to a new one. Isn't that awsome? No need to memorize vocabulary…


How does it work?

Your brain does the learning work for you. For example, you intuitively learn the meaning of words by watching and listening to movies and "de-coding-line(c)".


It works for me

You're probably starting to notice how well this works for you now. How much fun learning a new language can be.


Now I understand

If you listen to audiobooks or music in the foreign language for example, you will understand a lot. You will be immersed in the language.


Now I talk

Your tongue may feel like it's trying to speak, but it takes longer for babies (up to 1 year) to start talking. So just keep at it, and suddenly one day, it will click!


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Emil Brunner (Author)

Emil Brunner has been working as a sales and training consultant since 1983. Since 2007 he has been working intensively with Vera F. Birkenbihl and implemented her "brain-friendly" language learning method on the computer. He developed the leading online learning method for "brain-friendly" language learning. By using MovieClips, language learning becomes entertainment. Brain-Friendly(c)

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"Learning Spanish changed my life. I never imagined how my worldview would change and how much I would gain from it. And it's so easy. You have to try it. Never before I've learned so comfortably and with so much fun!!"

- Martina Marino

"If everyone struggles with learning vocabulary and grammar rules, then it's not the people who are unsuited but the method!"
(Founder of new learning Method)

- Vera F. Birkenbihl

"I've always had trouble memorizing vocabulary words and tend to forget them soon after learning them. Brain-Friendly is different. Whether you take a break between studies, you won't forget anything."

- Susan Smith