Find out how to learn Spanish, French or German for your next vacation within only 3 weeks!


Learn a language in only 10 minutes per day

The availability of time is an essential factor when learning a new language. Wouldn't you prefer to learn a foreign language quickly? But how long does it really take to speak a foreign language like a native? There’s only one person to decide: YOU! The more often and the more intensive you practice, the quicker you’ll reach your goal!

How to learn most effectively

One of our most crucial suggestions regarding language learning is the interval training, where you change between phases of studying and phases of recuperation. We suggest keeping the sessions of studying short – 10 minutes each session is the perfect amount of time for your brain. However, we also recommend several sessions of studying a day to improve your results. Using the interval technique, you are able to optimize your learning time.

Long sessions are inefficient

Sessions of 10 minutes enable you to reach a basic vocabulary (level B1 according to CEFRL) within a very short time. Which means you'll already know 1,000 words of your foreign language – a remarkable factor because standard daily newspapers do not need more than 500 unique words. If you study only once a day, you can reach your goal within 30 weeks. If you study nine times a day (and that’s only 90 minutes), you just need 5 weeks to reach level B1.

Understand first – then speak

Remark: always listen to a foreign language first. This can happen actively or passively. You can do that very easily with our brain-friendly MOVIES©. After a few times of listening you’ll have absorbed the phrases and expressions, the sentence structures and dialogues completely, so that you are able to use it intuitively. You’ll start to speak in the foreign language from one day to the next day.

Important factors when learning a language …

… your brain needs time to process and store your new knowledge.
… just a few minutes a day is enough to reach your goal.
… there are no weekends for brains. Keep on studying.
… choose your own speed of learning, as it’s completely individual and can vary from person to person.



What language proficiency is your goal?

Having completed 3 brain-friendly courses, you've already reached level A1 and a basic vocabulary of around 300 unique words!
5 brain-friendly language courses will bring you to level A2 with approximately 550 unique words etc.

Don't notice any progress?

As soon as you start learning new skills, your brain begins storing it. However, your brain processes only those parts you’re regularly requesting. During that phase you’ll probably experience a feeling of stagnation and you’ll lose your motivation.

That’s the main reason why many people give up after a short time stating: “I can’t do that … I don’t get it … I’m just not made for it…”.

If you should ever get to that point, just recall the knowledge you’ve already learned and repeat it. Try to practice at least for one session a day. That’s how you’ll be able to overcome your negative feeling and you’ll soon see how your motivation increases. That’s when you’ll say: “Oh, I actually can do it”, and you will be rewarded with positive results and great success!

You see, it’s not that hard to learn a foreign language – you’ll certainly have lots of fun! Why don’t you try it out now?


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