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What is my Language Level

Do you want to learn a foreign language but don't know your current level?

First steps

Brain-friendly MOVIE© courses combine language learning with entertainment. But what’s the best part about the brain-friendly language courses? You’ll never have to cram grammar or vocabulary ever again!

The Birkenbihl Approach named after the German management coach Vera F. Birkenbihl is based on observations and findings of the fields of neuroscience and social sciences. The idea behind this method is to learn a foreign language like we learned our mother tongue – without cramming grammar or vocabulary!

More on the Birkenbihl Approach here.

There’s only one person to decide: YOU! The more often and the more intensive you practice, the quicker you’ll reach your goal! One of our most important suggestion regarding language learning is the interval training, where you change between phases of studying and phases of recuperation. We suggest keeping the sessions of studying short – 10 minutes each session is the perfect amount of time for your brain. However, we also recommend several sessions of studying a day to improve your results.

More on that topic here!

Find out your level of language ability by doing our quick and easy assessment test. It only takes a few minutes to evaluate your language proficiency. Our assessment test applies to all languages.

Go to language assessment test!

We currently offer MOVIE© courses for Spanish and French.

You'll only need an electric device (notebook/mobile phone, etc.), internet connection as well as a working sound output.

We currently don't offer an APP.

You can subscribe to our INTENSIVE COURSES monthly, which will be renewed automatically. However, you can cancel your subscription anytime.

You can subscribe to our PREMIUM COURSES monthly or yearly. Subscriptions are renewed automatically too.

Course offer

We currently offer MOVIE© language courses that are based on the TV series EXTRA. Our language courses are suitable for beginners without any previous knowledge as well as for advanced learners who would like to improve their pronounciation.

No! Our brain-friendly language courses are for young and old. The series is about two girls and their two male neighbours who look for jobs, go on vacation and fall in love...

Generally we recommend finishing one course before starting another one. However, this depends of course on your individual preferences.

Vocabulary varies from course to course and from language to language. You can find the total amount of words and the number of unique words in the description of the respective course.

One course is about 30 minutes and is devided into 6 lessons. How much time you actually need depends on your motivation, your available time but also on your previous knowledge.

The more languages you'd like to learn, the more time you'll need. But there are no arguments against learning two or more languages at the same time. On the contrary, you'll always have the possibility to compare your progress in each language.

Yes, our brain processes the MOVIE© (almost) like it is real life. Therefore the outcome is much more effective (8 times faster) than other learning methods such as cramming vocabulary.

Each MOVIE© language course includes additional course material to achieve optimum.


No, at this point we offer only online streaming. However, you can download the course material.

Go to the Login site and click "Forgot password". You'll then receive a message with a link to reset your password.

In the event you don't need your account anymore, just get in touch with us.

Have you got issues loading your course? We recommend using Google Chrome. If you already use Google Chrome, close the window and retry loading the course.

We currently do not offer gift coupons.

You can pay by credit card or PayPal.

You can either cancel monthly or annualy, depending on your subscription. Please get in touch with us!

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