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Repeat It to Keep It: Third Time’s a Charm!

Repeating learning material is essential for retaining what you learned. Big surprise? Not really. Now, did you know that you should repeat every new topic at least three times for effective learning progress?

Within 20 minutes we forget 40% of what we learned. After another 40 minutes, we forget half of it. One day later, we will have lost more than 70%.

What’s left is the things that touch us or interest us most – the top 30%. Unfortunately, we need to know more than a third of a foreign language to be able to speak and understand it fluently, just as one must retain a certain amount to play a musical instrument or to pass an exam on school.

The percentages mentioned above were tested and proven by the German philosopher Hermann Ebbinghaus (1859 – 1909). In an experiment, subjects examined a list of 15 fictitious syllables, such as NAK, DIB or DAF. At different points of time afterwards, he tested how much they could still remember und reproduce.

The result:...

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5 Exercises for Better Language Learning.


Would you like to learn a foreign language? These five exercises will boost your learning progress immediately!

TIP: Most exercises require a brain-friendly learning course. Fortunately, you can adjust the exercises a bit so that they fit in with other language learning material, as well.

No 1: Karaoke Exercise

Listen to a text passage on loop. Listen to the native speakers in the movie and read along the word-by-word translations in your native tongue. Concentrate on the second line only (the translations). The word pairs are highlighted in sync with the speakers – just like a karaoke player.

With this exercise, you will intuitively learn:

  • The meaning of the words (instead of cramming vocab)
  • The grammar of the foreign language (how to use words in context)

Repeat the text passage regularly until you understand approximately 85% of all words. Then, move on to the next passage/lesson.

No 2: Background Listening

With this exercise, you can start to speak the language...

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