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Faster Language Learning

Learn a New Language in Six Weeks

There are a lot of long-term benefits that come with learning a new language. Multilingualism can be useful in one’s career, a forthcoming vacation, a semester abroad or a new love. For all these reasons, timing is essential. Many people want to learn as quickly as possible.

How Long Does It Take to Learn a New Language?

Different factors influence the speed of learning:

  • What languages do you currently speak? Is the new language like a language you know? For example: if you know Italian, you can learn Spanish in no time.
  • What is your reason for learning a new language? Is there a deadline motivating you?
  • What do you strive for? Would you like to learn the basics or of conversation business?
  • How do you prefer to learn? Learning a new language amongst native speakers is the easiest method, since you experience constant exposure.

Cramming vocab and reviewing grammar rules is the hardest and slowest method. You don’t learn the nuances,...

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