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7 Tips for Efficient Learning

efficient learning Mar 27, 2018

How to learn efficiently

7 simple tips for students and autodidacts


1. Be focused

An important factor of  learning efficiently is to concentrate completely on what you’re  doing. Every kind of distraction should be avoided. This is only possible if you’re consciously concentrating. Different sounds, radio broadcasting informative material, television, telephone calls as well as other interruptions are distracting. Even the environment can influence your concentration. Things to consider when arranging a room where learners and teachers feel comfortable can be found here: The perfect classroom.


2. Supply your body and brain with energy

Your brain has to be supplied with energy during the learning process. To do that, remember the following facts:

  • Well-working blood circulation is an advantage, which can be supported by regular physical exercise.
  • Your body needs time to recover. Enough sleep is therefore vital. 8 hours per day is the ideal amount...
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