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Learning a Language Easily and Intuitively

Birkenbihl Approach

Learning a language like your mother tongue: intuitively and with lots of fun. Vera F. Birkenbihl was the initiator.

Learning & Fun

Immerse yourself in a TV series and learn a foreign language at the same time with our brain-friendly MOVIE© courses.

Success & Motivation

Depending on motivation, time and language proficiency you develop your own schedule and you specify your goals completely individually.

Anywhere & Anytime

Learn a foreign language wherever and whenever you want: whether at home, on the train or even when exercising.


Immerse yourself in a TV series

The brain-friendly MOVIE© language courses are based on the Birkenbihl Approach and combine language learning with entertainment. The MOVIE© contains two decoding lines that are comparable to subtitles: above you’ll see the text in the foreign language, below the word-for-word translation into your mother tongue. While you’re listening to a native speaker, you’re following the respective word pair and you're learning the words' meanings intuitively. But what’s the best part of the brain-friendly language courses? You’ll never have to cram grammar or vocabulary ever again!

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Learn a language anywhere and anytime

Motivation is one of the most important factors when learning a new language. The brain-friendly language courses enable you to learn a foreign language anywhere and anytime. You can watch the MOVIE© on multiple devices: on Windows or Mac devices, mobile devices or TV sets by streaming them online. So whether you’re at home in front of your notebook, on a train to a meeting or at the gym: our brain-friendly language course is the perfect method to learn a foreign language intuitively and brain-friendly – whenever and wherever you want!


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