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Why studying grammar by hard is NOT the best way to learn a new language

grammar Mar 28, 2019

If accurate intuitions can be results of learning, although explicit understanding of why those intuitions are right is missing, what implications are there for education?

One way to acquire a skill is to know consciously how to do every step (=explicit approach). With time, the procedure is automated. For traditional education it is typical to make sure students have as much of an explicit understanding as possible. The resulting knowledge should be automatic at some point (=implicit). However, it mostly doesn’t get that far. Why? Because taking explicit knowledge to the subconscious is a long, difficult way. Compared to the process of explicit knowledge acquisition, with implicit learning, the acquired knowledge is unconscious from the start.

Approaching a task explicitly from the start is not always the best way in order to arrive at an explicit understanding. Moreover, there is even the question whether explicit knowledge is needed at all.

For example, what we require...

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